Differentiated product design will become a competitive hotel lighting market off


【Brief Description】  Overall lighting design and processing plan + intelligent products become mainstream + compatible alternative light sources + quality installation, after-sales service + good brand image and channel implementation.

With the opening of various star hotels in China from time to time, the competition between old and new hotels has intensified. Lighting, as an inventive tool to enhance the charming quality of public space as well as customer experience, is increasingly becoming a key element for hotels to stand out in the fierce market competition.

It is worth mentioning that the specification of "the division and assessment of the star rating of tourism-related hotels" has especially added the request of "lighting design with professionalism" to improve the quality of hotel interior lighting and make guests feel more warm. So, how to be considered a good hotel lighting design? Where is the focus of future competition in hotel lighting? How about the future direction of hotel lighting design? In this issue, we will deepen the discussion.

Hotel lighting design

What is a good hotel lighting?

It cannot be admitted that the hotel space lighting is definitely a relatively complex type, which contains the warmth of home, the beauty of social places, the warmth of the dining space, the multifunction of the meeting place and the quiet and relaxation of the leisure space. Therefore, in terms of hotel lighting design, it should be based on different functional areas, through different lighting plans to reach different lighting effects and render different atmospheres.

Of course, different types of hotels whose culture micro-style are different, the need for different elements to be expressed through the light color, which, the positioning of the hotel, the resolution of the design highlights, visual focus, as well as the key points of lighting design. In today's hotel design project, it is not difficult to find a variety of lighting themes throughout, creating a different atmosphere and multiple contexts.

Hotel lighting request is not only functional, functional is the most fundamental need to meet one of the branches, more is a good performance in the field of vision of space, so that the space has light and dark. Precisely, as long as the space "light" comfortable, "dark" reasonable, to give people more feelings and mood.

The hotel provides a kind of mass service, lighting design should pay attention to the overall cognitive level of the occupants. He said, we follow the design philosophy is "respect the qualities of the building, with a plot of light to move everything", in the end, we are ultimately moving people, is the human emotion, so the best hotel lighting design is the two words "moving".

Can say, lighting is no longer simply only play the role of lighting, it is the hotel design of the finishing touch. In the final analysis, the role of hotel lighting is to apply a warm lighting environment to invent a good atmosphere of the city, to convey to the guests' hints and feelings are: intimate, warm, safe, elegant, private, but also must be clear and precise purpose, can fully reveal the effectiveness of different light sources lighting, and ultimately absorb the guests to leave a wonderful memory and come back.

Where is the future going?

With the steady development of China's economy under the new normal, China's hotel industry has also entered a period of change in the development of the industry, hotel design is also bound to face a period of change in the transformation and adjustment, we can not help but consider, on the hotel lighting design, where is the focus of competition in the future? What is the mainstream trend in the future?

Differentiated products are the next focus of competition

The future of hotel lighting competition is exceptionally harsh, in the commercial war who is the main sink? Speaking of competitiveness has been inseparable from the product, product competition is inseparable from the function. In the hotel lighting, the creation of the hotel atmosphere, the interpretation of the hotel brand is the need for lighting to decorate. Need to work from the following aspects.

First of all, to improve the competitiveness of the product, which comes from the understanding of the demand for hotel lighting. We think more about the past experience and the lighting needs of high-end hotels, to stop deeper research, in the whole product light to go on the force. As long as the light to do a relatively outstanding state, it must have competitive.

The second is the service, hotel lighting is not simple home, shopping mall lighting so simple. It is a lot of central, especially high-end hotels have a certain artistic component, we need to know how to decorate the space and lighting with the best effect, so the entire professional technical service team is also the future competitive advantage, we also do optimization from time to time in terms of.

The third point is the product intelligence. Whether home lighting, road lighting, have been in the intelligent application is relatively more. Hotel lighting will be in the intelligent application of more common, more high-end, it is not only dimming, color mixing, may involve more things.

Quality first, apart from the quality of production everything can not be talked about. Differentiated products will be the next competitive focus, as long as to meet a variety of specialization, specialization needs, with strong independent R & D production capacity, the courage to innovate, to meet the various scenarios of lighting requirements, to achieve the best lighting experience effect, to stand out in the competition, to win the market.

Overall lighting design and processing plan + intelligent products become mainstream + compatible alternative light sources + quality installation, after-sales service + good brand image and channel implementation.

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