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table lighting base 01

Material:Brass, Thickness:solid Finished:machine



Product description

The lamp holder (lamp cap) at the beginning of MR is a common lamp holder for in-line local lighting spot lamps, which usually has two pins for easy installation. For example, MR16 refers to a lamp with a maximum outer diameter of 2 inches and a faceted reflector in the lighting industry.

MRMR (MultifaceReflect) refers to multi-faceted reflection (lamp cup), and the following number represents the caliber of the lamp cup (unit: 1/8 inch), for example, the caliber of MR16 is 16 × 1/8=2 inches, approximately 50 mm.

PAR lamps are also called downlights. They are used to illuminate light beams, usually for stage lighting, dynamic color change, etc. They are common lamps on the stage. These lamps generally consume large power and have high temperature, and are gradually replaced by LED lamps.

Part name:table lighting base




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table lighting base

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