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Aluminum shade 01

Material:Aluminum Thickness:2.0mm Finished:print back&white



Product description

First of all, learn about the decorative effects of different materials of the lampshade. The cloth lampshade gives a simple and elegant impression. The paper lampshade can create a hazy and dreamy atmosphere. The metal lampshade has a cool temperament and modern sense, while the drum lampshade brings a nostalgic feeling. In the bedroom, we can choose the silk lampshade, especially the hand-made and hand-painted lampshade, which can bring a soft feeling to the room and add an intimate atmosphere; The living room can choose the lampshade made of linen or parchment.

Secondly, just pay attention to the color. The white lampshade has good light penetration, which can be matched with the crystal base to create a crystal clear effect; Compared with black and color, the penetration of light is poor. It can radiate light downward, making local light stronger. It can be matched with the bronze base.

Part name:Aluminum shade



Finished:print back&white


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Aluminum shade

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