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table lighting base 02

Material:Brass, Thickness:solid Finished:machine



Product description

The lamp holder (lamp cap) beginning with E is an ordinary screw lamp holder, which is the most commonly used lamp holder (lamp cap). The number behind represents the size of the lamp cap. E27 is the incandescent lamp cap we usually use. E14 is smaller than E27, and E40 is larger than E27. 85W energy-saving lamp usually has E27 and E40 lamp caps, which are generally called small head energy-saving lamp and big head energy-saving lamp.

The lamp holder (lamp cap) at the beginning of GU is our daily bayonet type, where G indicates that the lamp cap type is plug-in, U indicates that the lamp cap part is U-shaped, and the following number indicates the center distance of the lamp pin hole (unit: mm), such as GU10.

G12 is a single ended tubular metal halide bulb.

Part name:table lighting base





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table lighting base

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